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Pen Pal Kit for Kids with Board Book  - Duke the Dog

Pen Pal Kit for Kids with Board Book - Duke the Dog

$25.99 Regular Price
$20.79Sale Price

A quality, modern-day pen pal kit designed to connect friends and family near and far.


Read. Decorate. Mail. Share. 


That's it! 


The Little Things Squad is designed to be open-ended where your child's pen pal adventure is up to them!


What's in the Box:
- 1 Neighborhood Adventure board book
- 1 Duke the Dog
- 1 passport for traveling around the world
- 1 protective plastic bag
- 1 5X7 envelopes
- 2 Forever Stamps
- 2 address label stickers
- Free domestic shipping!


Mail your character to friends and family in a 5x7 envelope with just two stamps....the journey is up to YOU!

  • Mailing Your Character


    • The passport contains directions on what to do with the character so please include it with the character when mailing.
    • Two 55 cent Forever Stamps should suffice when sending the character through the mail, although this may differ depending on where you send it. Check with your local post office if you have any questions.
    • The address stickers must be used with the polymailers for the delivery/return addressing. If you lose an address sticker, use a permanent marker as pen/pencil cannot be used on the mailer.
  • About the Book

    This children's book provides the back story for the journey your child's character will take through the mail. The book rhymes throughout and is written to be easily understandable by early readers. We wrote this book with the help of our 6-year-old and she loves it!

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